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By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’m working on drawing a straight line

To tip-toe down, doing just fine

Teeter, totter, left and right

Until I’m able to forget that night

I’m working on holding myself back

I may not have the proper tools for that

You’re in my blood; I’m learning its fact

Let me try my best, to get on track

Walking down this winding road

Your scent helps me carry this load

Eyes that see, through my skin

I’m afraid this is one thing, I cannot win

Gotta keep pace- if there’s any hope

Of finding you, down the road

Another world, another life

One kiss from you, cuts like a knife

If I’m bleeding, it means I’m still alive

Imagine it was you, helping me survive

Did it cross your mind, to let me lay their un-revived?

Breathless and lifeless, lying on the table

My hearts finally stopped beating, it’s been disabled

A dying man, who had just one wish

Before he died, just one kiss

Thank you for your lips

And years of suffering, that I won’t miss

Whether it’s heaven or hell, I can’t quite know

But wherever I’m bound for, I deserve to go

Not counting on a miracle, no not this time

Just live your life, I’m doing just fine

No longer working on drawing a straight line

Realized you weren’t something that would fade in time

Here is my backwards walk

No longer teaching myself how to talk

So much thanks, for the time we had

Let go only one tear, but don’t be sad.

Credit to Frightened Rabbit.

Photo Credit Eric Hampton