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At my fire

On our lake

Imagine perfection, the moment, never needing a break

To be content in this second

Blown away

And possibly forget to mention

What we had

What we have

Everything and nothing in between

You are what makes life worth living

I thank you for such

I know I have my moments

Where I really need to hush

Being lamb comes with pissing off the world this much

But I am in this for the long run

I give you eternity if I have it to live

If I have it to die

We will pass

This will and wont last

But one lifetime is enough

Silly to bank on heavens gates

When right now we don’t have to wait

This is

We are

Ride the magical train and it could take you far

Perhaps not a shooting star

Or a Disney land off in space

Pixie is simply a waste

If its pleasures you cannot taste

I am probably naïve

But to you I extend a invite because I believe

In a better life

In a better way

For a sun that stays

A sun set, blessing us with its ray

The sky, the moon, a love I can be without

Not requiring attention that leads me to shout

At peace

Our love comes with ease

With each other

A friend cares like a mother

Without the hassle

United we are Robert redford in the last castle

So let us exist

In a dream that a smart child can wish

To be a part of

Just a single glimpse

I can’t ask for the world

But thank the good lord if heaven is something like this.