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I can see her smile when she laughs

It lights the room

Cuts men in half

Down to size

Measured in comparison to beauty

A smile I’ve known

And still love- though not new to me

She is sweet like syrup from a sycamore tree

It drips; I sip, weightless and free

She runs like a child through the cattails at high noon

Lost in forever with you, not a moment too soon

The tulips and lilies dance for your pleasure

Wind gently blows

Your eyes like treasure

A key to your heart

Starts with a laugh

Simple and unique

A smile is all I seek

Your happiness and contention

Lips worth a mention

I remember them in the past

Life is about the experience of great things, that don’t last

But in their passing they do not disappear

Certain memories will always be kept near

Close to the heart

Just a recollection away

There they stay, there they lie

Like a puffy white cloud in a blue sky

Hovering amongst natures beauty

No need to be heard

Content chilling at play with birds

In flutter

A harmonious clutter

An arrangement that leads to ask what if?

Could we be weightless?

Under an afternoon sun

Free like children, destined for fun

A child at play is pure and untouchable

Like an ideal in a dream I cannot seem to recall

But it exists

It is there

Waiting to fall

Descend from above

In the right moment

At the right hour

Imagine the power a smile can inspire

Like fuel for a fire

Yearning to burn

As a boy does learn

What it means to beautiful

So pay close attention

As every inch is worth a mention

Fearful to blink

You might miss the world

As it shines down through a single girl.