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Plato’s cave is full of mysteries
Shadows blend the different lives we lead
Often never knowing
Which stop is ours on the track?
But ride we still and never look back
The rear-view mirror is nothing to fear
A reminder of the places we’ve been
Off far in the distance
A second chance to see incase you missed this
Many pass by
Too focused or distracted to even say hi
Their days will come and go
Their life spent backstage at world’s greatest show
If only they had known
That behind the curtain the world waited
Perhaps then it would have been fated
Marked in history books and dated
As a historic moment when the sun finally rose
Over mountain tops and into the rivers it flows
Shinning splendor a curiosity I’ll never surrender
What lies at the edge of the horizon?
At the end of a rainbow
Between reality
Fiction and non-fiction
A rabbit’s hole beneath the Earth
A fountain of youth to bless the cursed
Pixie dust and fallen shooting star particles
The treasures you just can’t read in newspaper articles
No ink, black or white
Can describe the emotion of that night
Your visage under the full moon was such a site
My eyes lit like fire so bright
A passion that fuels as I exit this twilight
No longer a haze
A rat uplifted from a maze
For cheese I no longer race
Delicious can now be described in a single taste
Yet mystery within Plato’s cave remains.