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I see your eyes
Even on the darkest of nights
They light the world
Take my soul to new heights
Dismiss my ambitions
Confess that my admissions
May have been upon a shooting star
That I knew could never take me far
But with your shine on this cloud covered night
I see even the faintest of moons shine when the stars are right
The sun, moon, and earth align
Call me a fool for never imagining a girl so fine
But clearly fate has intertwined
And despite an eternity of darkness your light has shined
It’s mirror my intentions
Your spirit is worth a mention
Save me from despair
The cure to suffering and with you I want to share
The answer
A simple potion
To dismiss the notion
That ill will and discontent will be any form of godsend
Blessed will and consideration
If only for the duration
Of these words
On this night
Believe that even the weakest of the noble souls is willing to fight
For their heart
For their mind
For the miles and miles of passion lost in time