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I sailed around the world

Not in search of a single possession or claim

With the wind at my sails, I seek a single name

I met her once as a child

I remember her picturesque smile

As I recall, it may have not been this lifetime at all


But I remember you

So clear, so true

Like the diamond I spent my younger years at play

Untouchable, between home and first base

A sanctuary from all I was without

An excuse, a relief, from ever having to shout

It was in my blood like I feel you now

Not sure how it happened but I found you somehow

Bumps and bruises, battered paths – broken truces


There is no straight line between today and tomorrow

No clear cut path between realizing dreams and sweet sorrow

Always a bit of this, a bit of that

Fading truth, few matters of fact

I am only certain of what my heart hides behind a curtain


Drawn to you

From worlds away

Sailing the seven seas – in a single day

Tropical storms, white squalls and water falls

Sea monsters, Cyclops, and even triceratops

No danger too steep

Through my navigation there is but one thing I need

A key to one treasure

With riches unmeasured


The depths of a heart I seek to unravel

The length of the world to win a single battle

For your hopes, your dreams, your tears, and your screams

To bring to life and dampen when you strife

To be in your eyes when you sleep at night

And in your heart when you’re out of sight


In your smile, even when it’s been hidden for a while

In a fallen tear, when it falls for joy that is finally here


A kiss, I’d give eternities not to miss


A promise, to be your constant

And lastly, a wish, that when you fall asleep and dream each night you stare off into the horizon hoping for this very site.