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Come to Jamaica

Let the world be a better place and take ya

Out of your ordinary ways

A people bound together by the smile on their face

Bright eyes and palms

Worn free and rhythmic psalms

Home of the legend

A house with a body above ground

One love he preached

Unimaginable– the soul in a man who has reached-

The hearts, minds and homes of good people from across the globe

People who believe in something better than themselves

And they may not even know

Blessed to go

Blessed to see

The island that celebrates Bob Marley like our J.C.

He lies in tomb, in Brownstown, enjoying a sunny afternoon

A smoke of the pipe and not a moment too soon

The heavens open from above

God blesses his home with his love

Pouring rain on a divine shrine of a man so fine

His image comes to mind when the word Jamaica is released from the lips

He is a people

A barefoot child running through the streets

The flipped over delivery truck being looted that we did see

The Blend of African, English and Spanish history

The blood

The tears

The smiles– and the cheers

No worries ‘mon

No not here

With the sun at my back

And the shell-sand at my feet

Happiness in this place is even more sweet.