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The sun and moon gave birth today

The world rejoiced in ode of joy

The people of Earth given a chance to live

Under the heavens

With one heart and love to give

We lived each day

Finding each other in our own different way

Through hills and valleys

Sunrises and sunsets

Climbing higher on this mountain of life than some ever get

I’ve reached for the stars

Their twinkle and their scars

Reached for each other from worlds away

It was not easy

But here we are today

Apart only by miles and maps

I hope you don’t believe; to another world I’ve gone astray

Because in my heart– you stay

My thoughts and hopes are with you

I see you in every ounce of beauty in this place

In the water

In the mountains

In every smile of every face

A good people

A better woman

One I miss and want to touch

Show me a horizon and I miss her that much

On so many levels

In her heart

In her soul

On the lips I cannot wait to taste

In her tears

Her deepest fears

I shall purge from her burden

Set her free


With a boy named me.