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Today I long for you in a different way

I traveled a bit of the world

Yet still wish for just your face

I try to picture your smile

Remember your laugh

Wondering if you wonder where your man’s at

In his heart

In his mind

Satisfy his soul

Satisfy Mine

There is such good in this world

Can’t imagine seeing it with you by my side

Holding you close

Eyes locked

Witnessing the sunset on the coast

Pink and blues

Clouds cascading over a people that move

Watch the world come to life

Dance with me tonight

Under the fading stars

Bounded by our mutual scars

From the world

But for each other

In my bed you lay

In my heart you lie

By my side

By the moon that moves the tides

For a moment

Even a moment more

Arms wide open

A hopeful man hoping

For but a kiss

Is my wish

My girl I’ve come to dearly miss.