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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Matisyahu is a man like me

He said you’re water for my soul when I’m thirsty

Baby I’m starving

For a drink

For a taste

Promise I won’t waste

A bit

An ounce

Ready to pounce

Climb on me and bounce

Between the heavens and hell

Riding a star which fell

From a better place

A perfect face

Without a trace

Of imperfection

Erection, of a heart growing at a rapid pace

A sun that shines only for you

Coloring you with its rays

For better and worse days

Gripping you tight

I pray it be tonight

But no matter, you are in sight


By the second

By my side

Nothing to hide

Take me in this instant

I promise I cannot resist it

Devour me in a single sitting



On each other

With each other

In each other



Through joy and sweet sorrow

Join me in ecstasy

Worn out in bliss next to me

One deep breath

Then comes the rest

Close your eyes

Bight your tongue

My bell you’ve rung

Song, you’ve sung

Better than most ever taste

Your flavor is of the month

Of the year

Let go

There is nothing to fear.

Photo Credit Eric Hampton


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