Ain’t no one shutting D E T R O I T down! Ya I’m stoked. It’s a stoic Lamb family tradition to go to the final 4 each year. Many years that really just means going to the city that the final 4 is being held, and this year, it’s my hometown. I have been to two final 4’s, both in INDI, went to games at one of them. While this year I have no intention to goto the games, I am ecstatic. My cousin Brett and his lady friend are arriving shortly at my crib, and good ol’ paps Lamb is giving us a ride first class downtown to Cheli’s Chilli, the Mid West regional Bar for the days events. It is surely to be a lambasted extravaganza; I got one sparks down, a vodka cranberry just about there, and a few quick rounds of shots when cuz arrives. Big day, big things, hope you can enjoy it in your own way, will check back for days recap later. K Lamb