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We each must walk our own way

But never think that’s to say

I’m not thinking about you in the very same way

More than just a thought

More than just a voice

A breathing heart with a choice

To believe in something beautiful

Something irrational, yet poetically perfect

Facts are for the heart; a mind always gets in the way of this part

But I believe in you

In this

Still I wait for a kiss

Impossible to resist

Do not think the urge has been dismissed

It waits

Hoping for a chance

For your words

For your thoughts

Your hand to hold

Eyes to sleep adrift to

Holding you close

Seems to drive me the most

Won’t you walk by my side?

Dance with my soul?

Play like children wild and free

Define limits because baby, it’s you and me



A universe to learn and unravel

Constant hopes of the places I will travel

Just to figure out who you are

From glances to scars

Laughs to favorite stars

What lights up your life?

What inspires you so?

If you let me in, I struggle to define limits for the places we could go.