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These feet of mine have traveled so

These eyes, seen places they thought they may never go

I used to walk looking for the way

Until one day I realized I was already heading in the right direction

No need for supervision or inspection

The battered path on which I walk

A battered bath of which others will talk

Tales of my travels shall reach near and far

From the urchin at the ocean’s bottom

To the nebula amongst the stars

He was not like others they’ll say

He always seemed to walkabout in his own weird way

Never coming, rarely going, but always seeming to find his way

People came from far and wide

From binoculars they’d peer hidden on mountain side

Whispers and chatter of his behaviors and such

Never a man, known to blush

With the wind he came and he went

No real way of knowing

How his time was spent

But you always knew he spent it well

Doing good deeds

A strong man with very few needs

From time to time

He’d bathe amongst the weeds

A natural life he lived

Unconditional love, he was known to give

Without price, without pay

Perhaps just for a smile on a face

A smile to stay, a smile to last

A truly good heart, vision so vast

Not too often a man of many words

Often he could be seen impermissibly feeding the birds

His smile reminded many of the value of a penny

Copper shinned and brazen

His eyes beautiful like the horizon

Deep, fiery and yearning

For a raindrop of knowledge worth learning

Open and opportune, like a picnic basket and a sunny afternoon

Little for granted

Often he enchanted

With little more than a breath

He was a man that lived, loved, and died with an enormous heart in his chest.