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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Lying next to you, falling asleep late at night

Your body warm, next to mine, as I wake to the sun rise

Each moment amazed, at what I do find

For several days now you’ve been on my mind

I guess that’s relativity and time

Growing closer each instant

Being drawn towards you, incapable of resisting it

I would have to be a fool to try

Insane to even question why

A fallen angel from the sky

Heaven’s parted with one of its own this time

I thank the good lord for such

He is a good lord, I believe that much

A world created with you in it

This song written for you- so I sing it

I apologize my voice is not gifted

But I need you to know the moment I saw you my soul was lifted

I could have tried a thousand times and not wished this

I would have messed it all up and most certainly missed this

So here, I have waited for your arrival

Waiting for the world to be a better place with your smile

You light me up

Make me shine bright

The North Star on even the darkest of nights

Falling fast

Belief this could last

Belief in you

Belief in the emotions that ensue

A better man with

A better man there’s not

To constantly remind you–the beauty you’ve got

One shot

At a shooting star

Hold on tight

Travel across galaxies with me tonight

Stardust and comet trails in sight

No fear of the sun so bright

Next to you, it is but another fading light.


Photo Credit to Eric Hampton



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