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Through these eyes I look
To see the heart of the girl I took
She sleeps at peace tonight
Soon I’ll have her in sight
At my reach, my finger tips
Hands down by her side, on her hips
Electricity begins to flow
A bit further my hands go
She bites her lips like this
Her eyes, begging for a kiss
I move closer to her and momentarily resist
She curls her toes as we brush noses
Her body is warm
Her heart beats fast
Each moment our lips lock I pray will last
I hold her firmly in my arms
I protect her from all immediate harm
She grips me tight, despite no need for alarm
She tastes so sweet, like candy for my soul
To quote a great musician
‘”Sweet you rock, and sweet you roll”
Fueled by passion, your pleasure the only goal
From head to toe
Not an inch undeserving of attention
Not an ounce of beauty not worth a mention
Breathe out, so I can breathe you in
A moment of ecstasy as my blood runs which with your scent
Remember this moment as our advent
Together we lay with a world to invent
I am your is if you want me
And please do remember
The moment you walked into my life
I had already surrendered.