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Don’t you worry
Don’t you cry
I will be here, at your side
Someone to hold
Someone to trust
Someone to desire
Someone to lust
I will never ask much
Only your heart
Your eyes, your lips
Your smile, your kiss
Never more than you’re willing to give
Nothing short of everything I need to live
Full of life
Full of spirit
Some men fear this
I gravitate near it
For the sincerest
For you
For this
For what I have I come to miss
For your thoughts
For your worries
For your hand on a night’s journey
The full moon lights the night’s sky
But it takes just one look, to light the fire of this guy
This feels real
Something tangible to touch
Don’t be ashamed, if you find yourself blush
Take it slow, no need to rush
Trying to curb my expectations, yet hope for the best
One treasure that lies in chambers within your chest
A smile that lights the horizon from East to West
A simple laugh in your life
A single whisper in your ear
Belief in something bigger than yourself
Can be the release of all fear.