“There are few things pure in this world, and home is one of the few.”
But then I found you, and I believed for a moment it might not be the case
In just a matter of seconds, being saved, took on the shape of a face
A beautiful face, sweet to see, sweet to touch
You tricked a worn heart, a dampened soul
Not the first, not the last, but each seems so uniquely crushing
I will stand again
I will rise to my feet
But this isn’t a proclamation of my manhood
I know what I am
Nothing to prove
Only hearts and minds, to discover and lose
I will still look
I will still fail
I will still believe
Giving up is a condition of the weak and dim witted
Giving up is an excuse to stop trying and expect a favor from the world
Wont you wake up and realize life is only yours to live
I can count the times you were so quick to give it away
Forget your intention, grief is yours and yours alone to stay
Take credit for your shortcomings
Remind yourself of why you’re so often not enough
Nothing so perfect will come without struggle
You think you’ve grown so wise
Twenty four now, the sun has just begun to rise
Remember the pain
Remember the unexplained
The without justification
Not a single word, or reason why
Because is enough for any free flying soul
Because is enough to get these fingers typing without goal
Without reason, motivation, or even a point
This is the point
I am the point
Live, feel everything, for better, for worse, and for hell
Whatever it takes
I want it all, I need to be broken, tormented within an inch of my life
I will still be standing
I am here to survive
To bare the pain others cannot
Without reason
Without profit
In this moment I am free
I am honest
I am left with the world, with heaven, hell, fire, and water
But I am still here.