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Sitting in this sun shine

Feet up, beer in hand, nothing on the mind

The ice has melted

The leaves survived

The trees are bare, but the birds chirp so alive

My beautiful March day

Happiness, my own– in every way

One deep breath

Life inhaled through the mouth to the chest

I feel it flowing through my veins

From eye-lash to finger tip

Such a grand transformation

Nature’s brilliant magic trick

Spring is in me, flowing determined not to be deterred

A soft, gentle breeze tip toes on the surface of my skin

Once more the music of Dylan helps my soul sing

Such poetic news

A blues musician in a sudden position to share joy with the world

No mind if they are willing to listen

Every new moment beautiful, and worth a christen

I write these thoughts, starring my reflection in the face

It heckles me, insisting any and all efforts are but a waste

Words will not stand alone

Heart and soul under the sun are never shown

Why follow their rules, and read their books

They say Visa’s the currency accepted everywhere, I say it’s looks

The rest is but a condition of the former

But that’s not what this is about

If attention was the mission you’d find me on a mountain top to shout

Yet on a mountain I remain

Offering only my heart and soul to ease the pain

Yours, mine, ours; the same

Bound together under the heavens as it bestows upon us cool rain

Sun shower in this hour of peace, anarchy, and everything in between

Don’t waste more than a moment considering what it could all mean

It is all but a farce to pull you apart

Stretch you from yourself, creating a hierarchy of needs stacked on a shelf

Be reminded of the sun in the sky

When your reflection smiles back at you– don’t immediately question why

Smile back, sing your song, there is no telling if this day will stay long

Love to love, smile because it is yours

Always remember, happiness is not another of life’s chores.