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Again, it was my sophomore year, in apartment 1b, the same location as the wonderful pool in my kitchen. It was night of the Theta Chi Heaven and Hell party, their most infamous, and arguably best party of the year. Of course I wasn’t a member, but my roommate who has managed not to be mentioned yet, John Faggadore was. Yes that is his name, and yes he’s great, so he could pull it off; he went by Faggz. His girlfriend Katelyn, a freshman at the time, got especially wasted early, so he dropped her off in his room in our apartment, and returned to the party.

While my other roommate Eric and I were drinking, killing some time before we went out, we heard something astir in the hallway near the laundry room, and proceeded to check it out. Katelyn had woke from her drunken sleep, or at least risen from the laying sleeping position. We said a few things to her that went without reply; she was standing in her underwear when she proceeded to pull down her panties, pop-a-squat in the hallway, and take a piss into the dyer. We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was priceless, I used my camera phone to snap this shot, and immeditately ran to a party at the basement nearby, phone in hand proclaiming, “freshman pissing in the dryer, you won’t believe your eyes, freshman pissing in the dryer!.” High Point was a small d1 school, 3,500 undergrad, word traveled fast. The best part being: when she finished, she pulled up her undies, and reached into the washer looking for toilet paper. True story.

The next day I woke to Faggz tearing Katelyn a new asshole, as he broke up with her for embarrassing in front of the whole school, and his recently joined fraternity. Katelyn came and cleaned up her mess the next day, eventually the two got back together, all was good in the world.