Saturday evening I was driving to Ann Arbor to visit some friends, in lue of a great friend titled Downtown Acker coming into town from Chicago. It was pouring, for the entirety of Saturday and Sunday actually, I had just got on M 14 West bound, and noticed my car acting a little strange. My wheel had been snagging, causing my car to drift suddenly, giving me an comfortable feeling of being out of control. I pulled off to the shoulder, put my flashers on, got out of the car and suspectingly checked for a flat tire. My tires were filled amply, so I got back in the car, and continued driving lead to believe my lack of control was simply due to lost friction in the rain. No more than two miles down the road, while rounding a turn to the right, my left wheels hydroplaned causing me to lose control of my vehicle as I entered a full speed 720 in the middle of the freeway with cars screeching on their breaks and avoiding me at all costs. Like many shocking life experiences, I saw the surrounding world in slow motion as I spun, attempting to maintain control of the car in the center of the freeway, bracing myself for devastating collision with either the guardrail, oncoming traffic, or both. In what seemed to be an infinite spin, in which I can honestly say zero thoughts of my well being or safety were processed, I managed to come to stop just two feet from the guard rail, after unimaginably making no contact with traffic. I rested perpendicular to the road, and had a few seconds to pull off to the side before being t-boned by the an oncoming car. I pulled to the shoulder once more, put on my flashers, turned off the car, and took a deep breath after the most traumatic yet scott-free incident of my life. I dialed 911 on my cell-phone, thinking to myself whether this constituted an emergency since nothing had in fact happened. The police directed me to a tow truck, and after the always dependable help from roommate Dave and AAA, escaped the evenings affairs with nothing more than a few hours lost.

Yesterday I drove my car into work and discover the cause of my seemingly infinite spin: two bald rear tires. My tires has worn just short of the tread, making for an easy transition from control to hydroplane in wet conditions. I had replaced both my front tires in the last sic months, and neglected to inspect my rear tires in a rear wheel driven automobile. I am very fortunate, and to be honest, feel blessed  I escaped the scenario with nothing more than a $240 bill to Discount Tire. The guard rail which I flirted with and came to rest just short of, was severely indented due a run-in with an F-350 the previous week. The tow-truck drive informed that the truck had collided with the rail, flipped over, and tossed the driver out the window, leaving him dead upon the cold cement.

Check your tires, check the little things that can go a long way in preserving the only truly important thing about your life; your self.