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You caught me by surprise
If you do not believe me, you should have seen the look in my eyes
All of a sudden, in the middle of the room, without hesitation a moment that would end too soon
You kissed my lips, I kissed yours back
It was a surreal experience
I felt myself leave my body into a better place
I opened my eyes and smiled when I was still met by your face
For all purposes you are the perfect girl
I just never considered being on the other end of such lips
Hands running down the curves of your hips
It’s safe to say you weren’t of clear mind
So the true intention is something left for me to find in time
But with or without clear intention
You have given me a moment always worth a mention
A reminder to a romantic soul
The best things can be found in the last places you look
Not every situation will play out like the pages in a book
We must turn each page and live each day
I will count the ways you keep me up at night
Lying in bed, still a bit uncertain that it wasn’t but a dream that felt right
I await eager but hesitant to pursue
I am caught up in your scent
With an ideal you represent
I am trying my best to expect nothing
I will struggle with it I promise you so
How things play out, will determine if these words you ever come to know
Perhaps they will fade away into the twilight of another winter night
Washing away like rocks to crumbling sand in an ocean wave
Time will bear all truth
It is of course my hope that it brings me you
Your eyes, your lips, your laugh, and your fingertips
To gaze into, to taste, to inspire, and to touch
God crafted some with an angel’s luck