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I stumbled across the picture yesterday while browsing though old photos. It was my sophomore year at High Point, my parents were in town, so I figured it was a great time to throw a pool/slip n slide party. It took a while to fill up the pool, I had to giant buckets filling on cycle between the kitchen and the bath tub, all the while I had tapped the keg and made it into quite the fun activity. We setup the slip n slide outside the windows on the itty bit of lawn we had, along side was the beer pong table; it was quite the successful Sunday. People were convinced my birthday was the motivation behind such madness, of course it was not.

Many of the fraternity gentleman were a bit upset that I was throwing such a money event, mainly because I was not in a frat, yet I lived in their apartment building anyway.

When the end of the night came, or a point closer to the end of the night, we decided it be best to empty the pool as it was leaking. We opened the door to the breeze way, grabbed it by the far corner, (I believe Patch was responsible for the idea,) and dumped the damn way of water and sand that I brought from the vball court into the hall. The apartment was severely water damaged, but it was one hell of a party. I believe I still owe money to a private collector for the events that transpired. Definitely was worth it.