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The 2009 season is all but upon us! I am stoked, for every other sport, event, is just a distraction, a way of killing time until baseball returns! The month of march represents so many great things, my birthday, the NCAA Tourney, St. Patty’s, spring break (much less cool when you’re working full time) and of course the eve of the major league baseball season.

I like the feeling of this year, no hype, no talks of the being the most productive lineup of all time, Granderson’s not hurt, Todd Jones isn’t in baseball, and one of the best players in the game will be a key factor in the 09 AL MVP race, Miguel Cabrera.

Cabrera led the AL in homeruns (37) in 08, finished second in RBI’s (127) to Minnesota’s Justin Morneau, all the while adjusting to his first year in the American League. This will be the second year of Cabrera’s 10 year contract, so if you don’t know him yet, baseball fan or not, you will come accustomed to the name over the next decade in the D.

Pitching remains the Achilles heel of our Tigers, and a successful ’09 is dependent on the rebound of several Detroit arms. Justin Verlander, the staff’s ace will need to return to ’06- ’07 form, former rookie of the year. It wont take long for fans and management alike to recognize if Verlander is back. Look for the high 90’s fastball that served so nicely setting up a nasty duece. Verlander still has one of the game’s best young arms, and in a contract year, look for big things form this former Old Dominion stand out.

I will continue with my preview on another day.

I have just made my most significant Tigers ticket purchase of my young life. I have locked in 15 Friday night games with my main man Zach Bootsy Hilbers. You can find us in the leftfield pavillion, and most certainly the mean streets and casino’s of the D there after.

Boom. Here we got tigs.