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Fiction Family, Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins

Fiction Family is a musical collaboration between Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins. The duo recently finished a self-titled, full-length album, which was released on January 20th, 2009. [2]

According to Watkins, the band’s name comes from the fact that “Usually when two guys make a record together, it sounds cool to call them the ‘something brothers. But we’re not, so that’s how Fiction Family came to be.”

The two began the collaboration in 2005 by writing songs together, according to a blog post on Watkins’s website.[4] Around Mid-2006 they began recording the songs, in bits and pieces while the two were off the road, announcing themselves as “The Real SeanJon,” a name jokingly chosen in the hopes that Sean “Sean John” Combs would sue them.

However, on March 13, 2008, it was reported that The Real SeanJon had changed their name to “Fiction Family.” [5] They had already completed the record and had tentatively titled it “Betrayal” before the name change. [6]

It was also rumored at one point that Starbucks might put out Fiction Family’s record, sometime in the summer of 2008. “We’re doing the final song right now, and there’s a rumor that there’s a large company that produces caffeinated beverages that might put it out in a few months. So, we’ll see,” said Foreman. [7] But later, Foreman stated that the record would be released in January 2009,[8] and a press release by Nickel Creek later confirmed the release date of the self-titled album, Fiction Family. It was released on January 20, 2009, by ATO Records[9], and entered the charts at number 71[10].

Fiction Family released their first single “When She’s Near” for free download on their website, and an accompanying music video was released in December of 2008. [11]

The band traveled on its first tour, which lasted just over a month, extending from early January to February 7th 2009. They played in cities across the east and west coasts, including Boston, New York, Charlottesville, Atlanta, Nashville, Seattle, and San Diego (both Jon and Sean’s home city).

Courtesy of Wikipedia