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They say I’m breaking, can’t take a step without shaking

Making this life of mine whatever I can

No certain path or lay of land

Survival, to strive for revival

Happiness is my only direction

I long for the days of open road and the reflection of the sun on my face

Leaving this place

Not because I don’t love it

Not because it hasn’t been good to me

Not because of anything at all

I wish for more

I wish for my place in this order of isolated events called progression

Something has always been missing

I have grown comfortably numb

Some would be content with this life of mine

But I seek the flavor of another wine

Perhaps one found in the hills of  the West

I cannot know if I do no not test

Lately, the fruits of life have left me

Surely only I am to blame

Time to shed my name

Leave my face and known acquaintances behind

The open road with a cool summer breeze by my side

A horizon not fading, rather growing forever wide

It calls me to come

I am not the first and I will not be the last

But what if my story doesn’t come to pass in this land?

Am I not crippled if I let my wonder seize?

Have I not surrendered if I even feel the need to ask please?

I answer to none at this very moment in my life

Why not enjoy the freedom that comes with such disposition?

A simple transition, a simple heart that’s been wishing

For a change, for a chance, for perhaps anything at all

Is it not a man’s mission, to go fishing for his soul left behind?

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, one marvels at what he can find

This may not be my time, but who’s to say it will ever come?

These day to day operations might be enough for some

But the answers I seek do not flow down this familiar creek

They may not be out there, but isn’t it worth a look?

Would you not turn through every page in a book?

Even if it was just to find that where you were is just where you needed to be?

I wake each day mostly content, happy with where my life has taken be despite others conjecture

But I’ve given my self permission for it to be not enough

I’ve recognized I can start over though it will be tough

We can never really start over

Rather turn the page on another chapter of our days

Drawn to the sun’s outstretched and life filled rays

I will take the first step and begin to listen

And when the day comes it is unlikely I will be missing

A chance to lose myself in a great escape soul-fishing.