Words and whistles and tiny boys with kites

Flying through the air on a crisp spring night

With wind and water, gusting and rushing

A boy loves a girl, a girl is blushing

Rosie red cheeks, smitten and gleaming

Smiles for all, a scene certainly worth seeing

Cattails and grasshoppers, pavement and skinned knees

A game of hide-and-go-seek, deep between trees

Where could they be? In thick or thin?

In the distance a child laughs, as close as the hair on my chin

Growing close, yet further apart

Lost and found, back to the start

A flashlight gleams in the near distance

Fireflies and bats, astir for assistance

Lit and fluttering, lethargic and cluttering

The bright sky filled moon has company tonight

Shooting stars and buttons, wishes and kisses

Growing old, my– how an adult misses.