I’ve got a soul that I won’t sell

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t ever good with money

Didn’t want to see it all go down the drain

Like a drink to erase the pain

Some drinks ago

I learned that nothing is erased

Some thing’s can be replaced

But mostly, a disgrace will remain

A heart taken

Mind wasted

Love, tasted- and lost once more

It will knock on your door from time to time

Runaway before you can answer

Drain on this soul you wouldn’t sell, like cancer

But the bitch of it really is

It never did exist

It was a moment

Maybe two or three

A childish inclination to believe in forever

Endurance, rather than erosion

Any scientist will tell, the latter is the more likely notion

Don’t be fooled by the sunset over the endless ocean

It most certainly ends

Light tends to bend our concept of practical truth

A common demise of inspiring youth

Wide eyed, heart in hand, begging for the world

If only they knew

Silly fucking children

There time will come

No longer will their hearts beat like a drum

Realize they should have taken the money and run

With the devil, down to Georgia, play a fiddle and dance

Take a hit, breathe it in- appreciate a fixating trance

Reft from Light, Uown from Dup- it doesn’t seem to make sense

What can sense make? For goodness sake

Grand allusion transformed to terms

I have a soul, but what is the lesson learned?

Not a thing

Nothing at all



It is the devil in me playing games with my mind

I cannot attest it be the first time

I cannot deny a longing to unwind

Unravel and break-down

Crumble to the ground

Back to the Earth

From which this Devil’s potion was given birth

Drink it up

Drink it down

Drink; be sure to pass it around

But be certain not to forget

The risks of the Devil’s sweet intoxication and your experience with it

Time will not last

Words must travel fast

My reel is close to depleted

Turns out a man with a soul, is still easily defeated

No more is needed

Please be seated

Mr. Lamb’s funeral is going to begin.