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Horizontal lines they pattern
Directing obligations that seem to matter
Live and let live
Breathe and be happy to give
A shit, a second, a helping hand
So many wasted intentions
Efforts, futile now to even mention
Will you wonder where the good times went?
Is that regret you feel for the time you spent?
Do you know yet, anything at all that is really yours?
In dreams I recall closing doors
Shut on the happiness once yours
Divided by vertical lines
Pictures painted a thousand times
Expecting a different finish
Disappointed every time
Left out of every rhyme
Every story, every picture
Can’t imagine how I’d miss her
If she was
If we were
Anything but these dividing lines
Fading, waiting for better times
Anything at all
Brace me from this fall
From grace- from space, from this forgotten face
Divided by a pattern I never could reproduce
What’s the use?
Roll the dice a million times
Yet still from the outside I look in
Condemned, defined-  by  these dividing lines.