A flower for you, with roses in your smile

A kiss on the lips; you’ve been on my mind for a little while

Often I pass, with little more than a quiver

A pattern stagnant until a single stare was delivered

Belief, reciprocity, perhaps just mutual hopelessness

I never thought another could be broken like this

With all the wishes in the world I’d ask for but a kiss

There you were, here we are, hopelessly together under this falling star

Lost at the bottom of a forgotten wishing well

Bound by the spell of this dried up well in which we fell

But are we hopeless if together we stand?

Are we in despair if comforted by each other’s hand?

Perhaps we’re no different than so many other lost souls

Seeking but a breath in a water filled tank

Darkness turned light– on a single chance to take

Reaching for a reason to believe

Hoping for a smile to relieve

This accepted comatose that came with such ease

A heart screaming for more

A mind silencing this pervasive roar

This may be all I get; this pain it hurts like shit

A hope, a flower, a smile in this increasingly dark hour

What sign of things to come?

A fading empty horizon

A sun no longer rising

Where has the light gone?

This monotony has endured too long.