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I have not seen this side before

The sun falls

Cascading over the Southern range

The cars have gotten to where they are going

The rivers on display- how ferocious- constantly flowing

Fighting the winter freeze

Fighting with ease

A Serene battle down the mountain side

Stretching to the westward valley

Where life has gone for the moment to pass

Everything needs a break

The moss on the rigid river rocks retreats

Which path to take?

Consider the mountain-lion’s sake

His mare brazened

Shimmering in the day’s last moment of light

Hunting, playing, so fierce; such might

With sun settled behind the range

This mountain Lion knows no cage

Wild and free

From valley to peak

Proudly he stands, overlooking his land

It is calm, rested, and unburdened by the world’s clutter


But it comes without knowing

This threat that keeps growing

Closer than he could ever know

Just over in the distance

Beyond the falls

Instruments in hand

TNT to clear the way

It will boom in an instant

Echo will stretch from the Westward Valley to the falls

Unease grows in the Lion’s land

A new world comes, in the form of a five fingered hand.