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Hearty cough, how you wisp and you wheen
Sending vibrations all the way through my spleen
You hack, you persist, I fight, you resist
Nyquil, Dayquil, airborne and some unknowns
Drugs ever so prevalent in a Michiganders winter home
A good night’s sleep is all I ask
I’ll endure your daytime treachery, however long it will last
Tissue paper how you soothe my scratchy nose
Shivers here and there, like the wind blows
Light at the end of the tunnel, decent health in sight
Oh cold my cold, we’ll always have at least one more night
Unlike the chicken pox, we will continue to cross paths.
I dislike you more each time- but your wrath never too rash
Too hot, too cold, why won’t you ever choose?
Perhaps this your response, to far too many nights of booze
Each day goes by, I regain my health
Couldn’t get rid of you, even with the entire world’s wealth
Your persistence is admirable, though I still loathe you so
Your endurance impressive, won’t you disappear in a hole!
These are my final thoughts on the matter
If only on this work day I had a shot of whiskey to make you shatter.