At your door lies the answer

It will come with a knock

No telling when

No telling why

I wouldn’t want to miss it but certainly could

The fingers greet the worn wood

One moment and it will be time

One moment more is just fine

Do not sit and wait for it to unwind

Talk a walk

Take your time

Be inspired

Be admired

Willfully help those who seem to need it

Without a price

Without a cause

Maybe for the first time

Hurt for others

Protect those with distant mothers

A simple thing, a single ring, a subtle reminder you’re paying attention

Expect good things, but do not take them for granted

And when the day has come

The collision of a former life and new has begun

I will be the same man

Forever for always

But I will become better each day

Better in each way

Better for a knock, that moment, that day