Well hello again,
It has been some time, but you are still familiar
Not by touch, not by taste, but like always- in certain ways
With a flair of the nostrils
A predictable pattern of speech
Talking about the stage we did meet
Sometime friendships are not so plain black and white
Sometimes it takes a sobered moment, realizing we allowed our perspective to drift out of site
But with any relationship, nothing is final, little is certain, and second chances are always welcomed
These days pass with a subtle novelty
Mild spontaneity, refreshing a burdened a soul

Each day I wonder a little more, and a little less about the things that matter
Reflecting over words from my past, recognizing growth, immaturity, but a passion that did last
I respect myself for such passion, despite the pain it has provoked
But is it not pain that makes us feel alive?
I do not wish to endure it constantly
I imagine that would be the definition of madness
But it is moments, weeks, and lengths of pain that refresh and revisit the things we believe in.
Growth can be stimulated by environment, but it is not until we are willing to accept our mistakes as an irrevocable reality, that change will occur.

Over and over the world insists that people don’t change, people can’t change
And maybe that’s true, but rather than change who or what we are, consider the realization of who we have always been
A soul’s burden lies in self loathing, rejection, and the projection of identity through entities external to ourselves.

Friendship is a more pervasive way for individuals to understand themselves
We seek others that bring out the good in us
There cannot be a single good, rather a variety of goods, all brought about in different ways
Last night I was reminded of the good we do for one another
I’d like to say thanks.