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Floating on

Another day

Another face

Another way

To lose your-self

Find your-self

Be your-self

If for the first time

Better now than the end of the line

It’ll be too late too quick

How far you did sink

Into the trenches

The depths


But this is a story of hope


Shake it off

Role the dice

Put your cards back in the middle

See what you’re left with

No guarantees

No get out of jail-frees

Everything’s a risk, or at risk

This new day

This new way


A better looking face

A sweeter enticing taste

Intoxication, how I’ve spoke of you before

But like no other, of this I’m sure

Ask me why and I can explain because

So much more than a look in her eye

Imagine an inspiration fallen from the sky, realized in a single breath

From her heart released, penetrating your ability to deny, brought to my knees

Rejoice, be at peace, float down the river and enjoy a forest breeze


A spiritual reminder of days passed

The best and worst of things indeterminately last

You are no more than heart and mind

A multitude of distractions, passing in time

Ride fearless on the coat-tail of an emotion

The possibility of freedom and thought


To perhaps be sought



It is all but a game

Put your chips in the middle

Put your-self on the line

All you have to lose is your self

All I can lose is already mine.