Go out there

Make a difference
It’s your world if you want to take it
It’s your world if you’re willing to pay the price to take it
Make something of your self
Go out there and conquer
Do not fear failure
Do not listen too what they all say
You can make a difference
It says so in the news
It says it doesn’t matter if you’re Jews
It doesn’t matter if you’re black
It doesn’t matter if you’re white
There is no right
We are all the same
Racism as an excuse so lame
Go out there and stop thinking
Start drinking
Drink yourself to a place where the ideals don’t apply
A place where your mind can fly
Let it travel
Find someone new
Someone different
Someone who you want to change
Make them your person
Try doing what the world did to you
Brainwash them on the untruth
Cloud their minds with so much misuse
Make them crazy so they need help
So desperate is how you once felt
Make it better
Get revenge
Do to them as you once felt
You needed so much help
But there was no one there to save you
They let you drown
It was your own party and they forgot about you
They left you in the dust
Saving you should have been a must
You can’t even trust your best friend
He didn’t lend a hand of help
He let you fall in to the emptiness of the world
It started with a girl
She didn’t love you so you got mad
You would have been sad
But no one would have noticed
So you got angry in the greatest of ways
You lived in a world which existed in the absence of the sun’s ray
You lived amongst darkness
Hoping one would see you and your sorrow
And have a loving heart to borrow
A girl might love you as you loved so many others
Real love not like a brother
Not the kind of love that has you being their best friend
Because you have been there before
It’s only another closed door
You don’t want that in life anymore
So you ran
You ran so far you forgot where you were going
You left without really knowing single thing you wanted in life
About everything you now strife
So many problems bubbling up at once
So many things that make you a failure
You wanted to be a success so very bad
Be like your dad
Growing up you just wished you could meet the image which he set
But now you live in society with so much debt
Debt to the world and debt to those who loved you
You let them down
They aren’t around now
You failed them in so many ways
You think it would get better with the days
But somehow it only gets worse
You are under a curse
A curse of your own self depression
Thinking the world has it in for you,
Laughing at you and praying for you to fail
So rather than fight it you refuse to prevail
You give in to everything which you once fought
Your life is over and to the world you taught
That you were not a man of integrity
You ran from any fight
You did what you knew wasn’t right
You hid in darkness because in light they could see what you couldn’t be
See what you were and see what you were not
See everything they’d wish not to be
Wonder how one could fall so far into misery?
Fall so deep like rain does seep into the earth and arrive at your place of birth
An unsacred and un- holy place
You remember the face of your father
As he emerged in the sun light
On the street it didn’t seem right
But he protected you with all that he had
He didn’t have money
But he was my dad
I didn’t know what most kids knew
But with his love I grew
I didn’t go to school but I was loved
I was hugged
And I threw it all away
I was a rich man until I chose not to stay
I remember that day where I left without looking back
How I wish I could attack the stupid boy who made the choice
Decided to run away from the only thing he knew
I was angry for what we lacked
But I should have been happy for what we had
I should have loved him like he loved me
I should have stood by him no matter what; the laughter of my friend’s shouldn’t have made me blush
I should have told them to hush
He was my family and that’s how it was going to stay
I loved my dad but I still ran away
To this day I do regret
Leaving everything and becoming a threat to the world and everything that is right
Because I am now everything that is wrong
Because with out my dad to love
Days seem so long
So empty and unfulfilled
The world has drilled a hole into my head
Every moment it feels as if I’m dead
And so often do I dread
Waking the next morning
Because then I will live another day in my life in the most miserable way
Live with the choices I once made
Live in the worthless hell that I created
So soon I will end the suffering
It will be quick and easy
No one will see me
No one will care
They wouldn’t dare
They wouldn’t risk the feelings on me
They wouldn’t want to be there and see the look of a dying boy
Who since the day he left his father hasn’t tasted an ounce of joy.