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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Days begin, rising with the sun

Hopes are high– possibility reaching the sky

Light enters through the iris

Illuminating the soul

Wishing simply to be whole

Independent of any wants or desires

Lit only by your heart and its fire

But as the day does pass

A rising sun cannot ever last

Setting upon the sky, it sheds a different light on this world

Despite rays weakening, they now say so much more

Twilight sun fades from its youth

In its eyes you always see the truth

Growing wise and splendid with delight

Just before it says goodbye and good night

Darkness settles in over the land

The moon washes the tides over and over the sand

My sprit deflates and my fire cooled with the ocean waves

Seemingly so lonely on this cloud filled night

But with the wind gently blowing

It takes just an instant for the moon beams to shine through just right

Catching a twinkle upon the star of my eye

And to think just a moment before I was going to cry

How quickly we rise and fall from grace

As the moon now begins to fade

I know how soon my day will be made

When at the stroke of midnight it becomes a new day

The sun does rise, and with it my soul

It lifts me from the floor, and once more

I am free to fly.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton


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