I stare into the darkness and all I can see is the chance I didn’t take

The unexplored what could be?

I have gone through my life in what seems to be an instant

When something wild and exciting came

I was always to resist it

Always chose to look the other way, remaining lame

Thinking to my self, that there would be a time for this someday

Looking at what could have been

I can only grieve for the once young child

Running and playing oh so wild

But now a lonely old man

Because he always ran in the face of arising risk

I cannot run any more

My bones are weak

Perhaps I can rediscover

The wild little boy who was like others

I can only hope to see

If it is possible to reclaim what once belonged to me

So I close my eyes once more

Knowing little of faith and heavens door

Leaving this world as I entered

Alone, scared, and surrendered

I escape to my dreams

I escape from the pain too real

Never knowing how real happiness did feel

In my final soothing sleep, I lay, I pass, and certainly none will weep

My final transformation

The last remnants of a forgotten soul

No witness to bear

No family’s despair

Just another old man

Just another hole in the ground

One more final sound

The coffin slams shut

Eternal darkness abrupt