Laugh the world away in a day and you’ll be okay

Yell at it and you will be sleepless in the night

Try and control it and it will never be right

Let it break you down

I told you to always fight

This life does crazy things to the heart and soul

It makes days seem like years– yet weeks just a second

When it is good it seems to disappear so fast

When times are tough why does it always last?

I have no answers to this world after 19 years

I have seen people ease themselves with a few too many beers

But by the end of the night they surely are in tears

Happiness isn’t so easy for everyone

It all depends on your expectations

No matter how hard we try

One day we will die

And is any of it worth the trouble?

Is it worth becoming angry and in pain?

Or just laugh it off and go running in the rain

Employ far more humility than hate

If you cannot see yourself with flaws

Then you are a hopeless cause

But never let yourself go numb

Stay very much alive

Keep the happiness inside

Let out the pain with a scream

And once more chase your dreams

Anger will come and go

But happiness can always be held inside