I imagine this trip will be more enjoyable than the last one you’ve all may or may not read about. My great friend Matt Richard and I are going to Runaway Bay Jamaica April 18th to the 25th. Matt will have recently endured his second maddening tax season, and myself, will be in a much needed break from my masters program and work. I am actually passing on a week at the beach,  at our condo in Hilton Head over Christmas to help myself comfortbly live and still take this very serene and wonderful trip. It was initially going to be planned around my birthday in March, but that didn’t go so well last time, so April will be prime.

We are staying in Club Ambiance, an adults-only-all-inclusive-resort. I look forward to finding wonderful herb- although I have been forwarned that the islanders often try ripping off the tourists with a lack of quality- I am confident we will be succuesfull in our missions.

It just occured to me that we will be in full-force fantasy baseball season, which can certainly only add to the already fruitful elements of the trip.

Unlike many of my other vacations, getting completely hammered and lost in a swarm of club filled chaos will not be my main intention. This is not to say Jamaica will be completely absent of such lamb-bastidy.

There is a direct correlation with the quality and frequency of my words, and my proximity to the ocean. Many of my most passionate works find their derivation in curled toes in the sand, the breeze of an ocean wave, and last but not least, the tan of a shimmering bikini bottom.

Lastly, I am excited that I saved $45.00$ per night, for each of us, due to my former student travel endeavors.

All-inclusive Jamaica, $800.00-  Merry Christmas Kevin- from Kevin.