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Is it your wish to love and be loved? Is it your every intention to give entirely more than you take from this often cold world? Do you believe that even if you cannot make a difference, even if it was certain evil would prevail, you would still give your heart and soul because that’s how you were made? Do you tremble when people do nothing? Does it haunt you that with the reach of a hand a life could be saved yet some would sooner be on their way? Does it scare you that more and more people are surprised by your good nature? Do you ever question what will be left once you have given everything? Have you ever conceived that no one would be there to pick up the pieces? Do you wake up at night after starring darkness in the eyes and wonder why you are still alone? Do you ever bleed inside because despite your best efforts you are still a wandering and wondering heart? Have you ever been asked what’s wrong and scared to answer honestly? Are you compelled to do the world a favor and leave them unburdened by your suffering? Is it your intention to fully embody such pain? Do you believe that it will ever be released or is it always going to be the same? Will you spend an eternity positing such hopeless questions, or will you one day have enough? Will you be wholly consumed by your outward extension? In years to come will this suffering of yours even be worth a mention? Will your whisper be lost in the passing of time? Will the sand in the hour glass ever be a reflection of this heart of mine? How many more beats can it endure?  At which moment can I finally pass? To be no more, faded, no longer can such paralleled passion be tolerated. I wish once more, just once for sure, I wish, I wish, to leave you be, I wish, I wish to free you of me, I wish, I wish to finally see, when they wished, and wished, it was never for me.