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She showed up for our second date

After being stood up I had to hesitate

She sat amongst my family who I love

I told her she was beautiful and stole a hug

She sat down in the chair next to mine

Both matching in light blue

What a serendipitous sign

She laughed and I smiled

A romance so sweet, it’s been a while

She read me her poetry and I watched her lips

Already I couldn’t resist

What could be better than the perfect kiss?

But only when the moment so right

Up the flights of stairs to fetch what we need

Candle light and my words which I value with my life

I imagine the day I will read from this book to my wife

Hand in hand to the beach we walked

I noticed she was a bit tipsy as we talked

Down the boardwalk to the soft-sand between the dunes

The sounds of the ocean; the most perfect tunes

On the beach towel with candle lit we lay

Reading the words from my heart

Not knowing what she will say

In disbelief how I ended up on her beach

Treasure this moment we share

Where did it come from, by what fate did we meet?

I kissed her lips, with the stars of the sky as my witness

I lay, falling for her

Already knowing how I’d come to miss this.