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Through this sliding glass door I look

I see a world white and weary

The water yet to freeze

Still vibrant and wind filled

The green grass has cooled and been covered

Snow and winter have fell upon us

Our boat is no longer  docked

Our firepit has ceased to burn

Yet still this view I love- still for this view I yearn

It reaches to me and assures everything will be alright

Even if it doesn’t seem to be near in sight

Just around the corner- it may not be easy- it may be difficult

Willing to embrace the struggle of this journey

Accompanied by this aeshetic embrace

Reminded comfort is not always paired with a face

Rather in but a single moment- a look– a stoke of a gentle breeze on a cool day

A shiver that asks you to ask yourself to step back- slow down- take another look

See in a different way

We have but out perception to interpret the view from the sliding glass doors of the world

I cannot perceive as another- but perhaps from another orgin

A shift in motivation if you will

Reprioritize the lens from which you gaze

Focus on what is in front of you- rather than that which is not

Appreciate it, value the essence of this place you have come to settle

No need to look down the road just yet

In this gaze- in this way- permit yourself to be set

Return to this sliding glass door

One day at a time

Perhaps each with a new view

Permit your self to be looking at the world-

Realizing in its beauty is you.