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Eyes shaded

Such a bright sun for such a brisk day

Illuminated– yet withdrawn

My eyes follow the highway to the horizon

A pair all too familiar to most

Seasons come and go

Cars here and there

This pair remains a constant

To and fro each day

Some better– some worse

A sea of souls trapped in obligation

Duty these days that comes without hesitation

These certain things in order to survive

Hardly the reason to this scene each day we arrive

Comfort is what brings us to this drift each day

Longing for just about anything– but change

This routine you see, it keeps us free

Without such borders, and regulated lanes

The possibilities might be endless– can you imagine such pain?

With each moment passing comes another question needed asking

Certainly no certainty in our actions

Possibilities endless, even unfamiliar interaction

No parody as a base– such forbidden fruit offered to taste

No circles to walk in, lines to sit through

Save me from such a world

I need this never-ending pavement– this highway everlasting

This duty and structure, or surely be left to rupture

Please put me back in my cage

I beg not to discover what’s on the next page

Insanity– a million times over before change

We were not built in such a way

Dynamic we are not

Static and free

Free to remain defined in this puzzle

We are but just a piece

Here is my petition, please sign and give your release.