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He we are now

With nothing to lose

I didn’t wake up one day and chose

That I wanted to be with you

It happened without my control

Let’s take a chance and enjoy life one breath at a time

We will one day grow old and only smile at such days

Where if we ran fast enough we could elude the sun’s rays

Living for the moment and not a single thing more

Knowing the hand in yours is worth more than anything the world could have in store

So far away- but somehow she makes this feel like home

Let us not worry about what bad could happen

Because in this moment we are free of all worries

Worries are for those with something to lose

We are living life on the edge because we can afford it

We are young and I am unable to be objective

Take a chance

Give in to romance

Take my hand as we begin to dance

Until the music stops

Until the sun goes down and the world is asleep

It will be just like my dream

Where I did meet you that next night

As I asked you for a dance

And naturally you said not a chance

But I took your hand

And you held mine

Existing together in the moment

External to time.