As I sit here in silence,
I cant help but to wonder,
is there actually anyone for me out there?
People always say,
that everyone has a true love,
and you will find them some day,
but what if you already found them,
what if it turned out,
that your true love,
happened to be that of another
what if your already too late?
perhaps when the time came to act on love,
this other person didn’t hesitate,
so it looks like they beat you to the punch,
you had a chance to make her yours,
but once again,
being afraid,
kept you from entering uncharted doors,
in the back of your mind,
you know the one reason you didn’t act on love,
it was the chance that perhaps it wouldn’t last,
what if she got tired of you,
what if she was no longer flattered by your undying devotion?
the love you had for her,
that could get you across any ocean,
and someday,
you will once again wonder,
could it have been another?
perhaps she wasn’t the one for me,
but with time,
we may see,
how this tale unfolds,
but as I sit here today in silence and wonder,
perhaps there really isn’t another,
for I am now an old man,
withered and gray,
and it doesn’t look like there will ever be,
a someday.