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Raise me up with your voice

I’m not asking you to make a choice

Just see how you feel

I hope it is something very real

Something that has to do with me

We will wait and see

But you deserve to know that you drive me crazy

In the best way I know to be driven

Jesus was a dead man then risen

I assure you I’m not dead

But you have taken over my head

And give an ineffable lift

I am just feeling around with these words

Because I cannot explain what it is you do to me

I cannot explain what it feels like

But rather only hope you already know

Because, maybe to some of these very places, I make you go

Things in life- as good as you- cannot be ignored

I cannot tell myself that it will just pass

Because your hold over me is like a cast

Keeping me safe and secure

But never failing to lure

Take my heart to you

It surely would love to go

If we don’t try

We will never know.