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The getaway that revived my spirit

Five hours away there exist a place that puts my mind and heart in the right place

The ocean waves put me in the right state of my mind

As two days seemed like the longest time

But after getting a taste, I must return soon

So once again I will travel in a few days

Laying on the beach, feeling the sun’s rays

I felt so very alive

Sitting in the sun at the bar

With beautiful women not too far

It makes me want to get in my car

Leave this place and start driving

The freedom of this world leaves me thriving

I will not be content with unhappiness

Life is too good to sit by in depression

I get the impression that some people are always chasing, or busy erasing

A life they regret, or one they may have never found

I have no idea what I will do with my life

But I hope it includes a beautiful wife

The one i have never quite captured

The one that will escape to the beach with me by her side

As we explore the world so wide

It’s not that I hide

I just know how love feels

And i wont pretend I have found it

I cannot lie to my heart

Come with me away so far

i will get lost in you

You have always been the star I look to in the night

One day I will find you

You will look in my eyes

It will make sense

That is all i wish for

To understand my life and love

Please God, help guide me from above.