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Because you kissed me goodnight

I ran mazes through my head that night,
something about your kiss that was just right,
as I left and watched you walk away,
there was something inside of me that didn’t know what to say,
I couldn’t stop you and tell what it had meant to me,
but now as I lay here in the night,
with your kiss that was just right,
I am trapped in that moment,
holding myself from ever falling into a daze,
because when I go to sleep,
and wake up the next day,
there is a chance that it could have all been a dream,
and with the blink on an eye,
no matter how hard I was to try,
I may of lost that kiss with you forever,
the moment before I said good night,
when everything I knew to be,
just seemed right,
all because what once seemed to be so out of sight,
suddenly became a lucky mans reality,
so I will not let my self fall sleep,
and you will leave me forever trapped in that moment,
running circles in my mind,
because a kiss with you,
could last one till the end of time.