You may have all the money in the world,

But not everything is for sale,

Deep within me I have more wealth,

Than you could ever bare,

you look upon me and think I’m crazy,

You say I will never be rich,

I am far too lazy,

But why are you so quick to pair money with wealth,

I do not believe that the two should come as one,

Money is a material thing,

You are showy and want to be seen,

All that drives your mind is the precious green,

This is not the wealth that I speak of,

I may not have a dollar to my name,

You may think me to be insane,

But what I have inside me,

Love pride and lack of envy,

Is more wealth that you can ever have,

I actually gaze upon you in sorrow,

I think how you can actually live through the day until tomorrow,

I think to my self “how sad,”

You may and will most likely go through life believing,

That I am an un-wealthy man,

Who’s just rambling and grieving?

Maybe one day it will hit you,

When it comes to wealth,

Money isn’t an issue…