If you’re a friend

The Way I never stop thinking of you,

Makes me think that you’re something not really real,

Because ever since I’ve known you,

All that is on my mind is the exact way I feel.

The way I feel for you that convinces me to not believe in you,

Because things this good are always just a dream,

And no matter how good I think it is,

Things never turn out how they seem,

You have cursed me with how you make me feel,

Because now everyone I meet,

Has no true appeal

Because instantly I compare them to you,

And in my eyes,

None can reach the expectations which you have set,

Meeting you may be the lone greatest thing that I regret,

You may think I’m stubborn in saying that,

Immature for only thinking of me,

And not being able to see,

What good friends we have come to be,

But as you reach to grasp the hand of a friend,

To you my hand I will not lend,

In you friendship isn’t what I seek,

So I wish of you that in the future we do not speak,

Because it is your hand of friendship that makes me weep,

Knowing that no matter what happens,

My life will take me away from you,

I will try and move on,

But with you it seems I can’t ever escape,

You leave me trapped in a young mans heart,

Because that young man,

Believed you were the one from the start,

So if you tell me that you are a friend,

Prove it to me with your hand that you do not lend,

Your words that you keep to your self,

Your friendship that I never sought to see,

And maybe someday you’ll start thinking about me,

In the very way my mind runs mazes around you ever day,

Making me lost in everyway,

I am asking you this as a friend,

I do not wish for you to be there for me when I need it the most,

In my life you will disappear like a ghost,

Disappear into the uncertainty of the days,

Become in my mind another part of the blurry haze,

Because never again do I wish too see your face,

No not here nor in any place.